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Silvia Mildiner


Silvia Mildiner

Silvia Mildiner (Buenos Aires 1959) starts from the thread, the magnet and a box that contains the scene, to build a space between two bodies that is presented from its invisibility and summons us to perceive it. The hidden, the apparently internal, associated with darkness and something sinister, shows its own light when it becomes transparently visible. The internal and the external merge into an edge that is impossible to detach.

Eutonist, Clothing Designer and Art Curator Specialist (UNTREF), she studied with the artists E. Madanes and D. Casares. Among her individual exhibitions, the following stand out: Approx. Installation FADU (2019), Melee Dain (2019), Radiant Body, Quimera-space Qubo Gallery (2018), Black Body < / em> CC Matienzo, (2016), The fight for space Paláis de Glace, (2016), Repousser installation Pasaje 17, (2015).

She has received the following distinctions: Mention in the José Hernandez Textile Hall (2019), Mention in the National Sculpture Hall (2016). First prize in the contest “30 years of OSPOCE democracy (2013).

Silvia Mildiner

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