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Open Gallery

Punto Impropio

Open Gallery

Prelude to a different time, in which the need to exhibit, to show ourselves, to take care of ourselves, is urgently installed, finding a new way to sustain the relationship with the other, with what is not said, with what summons and moves us. We focus on small and medium format works, accounting for different views that make up the contemporary scene. Different languages and techniques come together in this eclectic proposal, which is nothing more than the search for harmony in diversity. We are pleased to present the artists that are part of the project.


Martes ‒ Viernes de 10:00 ‒ 14:00 Solo con cita previa Sab ‒ Dom ‒ Lun ‒ Feriados ‒ Cerrado

Humboldt 1837 Palermo Hollywood +54 11 3552 4971