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Silvia Mildiner works on the construction of space from refined and simple forms. The force resides in that space between the lines and the point that operates as the articulating element of the work. In this state of tension, opposing forces maintain a subtle and precarious harmony. Without touching, they remain in an apparently quiet and balanced dialogue, concealing their struggle around the void. Magdalena Mastromarino

Few regions of the globe evoke loneliness and danger like Antarctica. That bleak white and stubborn cold have been the backdrop for dramatic explorations, or the perfect setting for haunting novels and science fiction or intrigue movies. Chronicles of shipwrecks and whalers, of strong men who defied an inclement nature. An unexplored continent only mapped in the last century. Stories and maps that fill libraries. That epic vision is also conjugated with the image of a territory of science (not without adventure and danger either). Antarctica as a giant laboratory that illuminates us on our remote past and on our future as

Prelude to a different time, in which the need to exhibit, to show ourselves, to take care of ourselves, is urgently installed, finding a new way to sustain the relationship with the other, with what is not said, with what summons and moves us. We focus on small and medium format works, accounting for different views that make up the contemporary scene. Different languages and techniques come together in this eclectic proposal, which is nothing more than the search for harmony in diversity. We are pleased to present the artists that are part of the project. Matías Amici -  Alejandro Castelli

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