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Marcelo Gurruchaga


Marcelo Gurruchaga

Marcelo Gurruchaga (Buenos Aires 1961) is situated in the language of photography to internalize heritage issues, both natural and historical-cultural. In several of his series and research units, he starts from the physical, from a natural space and in some geographically locatable such as Antarctica, to ask himself about personal and social processes. Living Topography presents us with a world in movement, in transformation, where what remains apparently unalterable, is nevertheless in continuous becoming. In Nacer y Renacer, he questions the landscape and intertwines it with the human, where the visual question about the nude, the exhibition, the diffuse relationship between man / landscape subtly appears.

Photographer, Self-taught. He has made several individual and collective exhibitions, in places such as the Recoleta Cultural Center, National University of Tres de Febrero, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Natural Sciences, Maritime Museum of Ushuaia, University of Lanús, Museum of Fine Arts “Benito Quinquela Martín “, Technological Museum of Mexico City, National University of Lomas de Zamora, UADE Art, Cultural Corridor Program of the Bicentennial II Year, Civil Society Heritage Community and Environment of Havana and in the Castillo de la Real Fuerza Museum, Cuba, Museum Tigre Art Gallery, Alejandro Bustillo Art Gallery (BNA), Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, Museo Banco Provincia, El Palacio Stanic, Leonardo Favio Cultural Complex, Atelier de Antonio Pujía, Casa Argañaraz Alcorta, Museum of Contemporary Art of the South, Casa de las Américas, OdA, Mini Print Internacional Cantabria.

He has received the honorable mention in the Fine Art category at the 2019 Annual Photography Awards. In 2009 GEO magazine has selected him as one of the 10 great photographers in the world for his work on Antarctica.

Marcelo Gurruchaga

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