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Laura Nucenovich


Laura Nucenovich

Her sculptural production has an experimental character, from which she seeks to approach the void as a container and dynamic space, based on the materiality of the iron plate and acrylic resin.

Nucenovich (Buenos Aires 1963) generates sculptural images that allow the resignification of situations related to human feeling such as loneliness, the complexity of relationships, love and lack of love, encounters and disagreements. Materiality is imposed, space is imposed and thus the balanced dialogue between form and emptiness, between heavy and light emerges.

Visual artist and teacher. Formed with the sculptor Ernesto Levin.

Among her recent solo exhibitions, the following stand out: Solitudes, Centro Cultural Borges, (2016); AFeRROS , Galeria Thames, (2013); Del Azar y el Destino , Eduardo Sivori Plastic Arts Museum Sculpture Garden, (2010); Sobrenudos , Thames Gallery, (2009); Internodes , Thames Gallery, (2007).

In 2010 she received the Mention in the sculpture discipline from the National Visual Arts Hall. Her work is part of private collections and the Museum of the Shoah in Buenos Aires.

Laura Nucenovich

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