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Punto Impropio

Art space

Punto Impropio is an art space that proposes an accessible meeting point between artists and art lovers. It was born in 2021 and is both a physical space located in the heart of Palermo Hollywood neighborhood and a virtual space that reaches all parts of the globe from its website.

Punto Impropio presents a wide and outstanding selection of works of modern and contemporary art in small and medium formats, brought together by their quality.

In our space for art displays we will present temporary exhibitions of various contemporary languages accompanied by installations made especially for the stained glass window as a meeting point between passers-by, visitors and art. In addition, we have a shop where we offer objects, ceramics, textiles and multiple art works.

Punto Impropio wants to foster a bond between art and new audiences. We have the firm conviction that art improves the lives of those it accompanies.



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