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Federico Casalinuovo


Federico Casalinuovo

Visual artist, singer, musician and teacher (1986) He makes his personal work in drawing, painting, textiles, music and video. He develops multidisciplinary projects crossed by the body, voice and emotion axes, focusing on people as sensitive territories. He develops as a singer-songwriter and composer for theatrical and musical works. Since 2015 he has been running Casa Prisma, a space where he teaches singing, embroidery and textile experimentation, a discipline with which he participates in various exhibitions in Buenos Aires and abroad. He combines exhibition activity with musical concerts and collective experiences based on encounters in which textile languages ​​are investigated.

He studied Visual Arts and Scenography at the National University of the Arts.
Recently he was part of “Cuir”, a virtual exhibition on the ICG + platform of Isabel Croxatto Galería with the curatorship of Leo Chiachio and Daniel Giannone; “Tours of a needle” curated by Dolores Casares and Mariana César at El Obrador Centro Creativo and performed “Mechanical Transit / Intimate Transit” at Camargo 1020 Espacio de Arte, an individual exhibition in which he curated. Among other exhibitions, he participated in “Feminsm From South to North” at The Camp Gallery (2020), “Revisiting Projects and Homework” at Galería Pasaje 17 (2019). He was part of “Under the fingertips” and “Small collections, Collection 8: Second Skin”, “In question” collective textile exhibition at the National University of Quilmes; and “Tarea” in Galería Pasaje 17, “Trayectos” in Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos (2018), Bombay Saphire Serie Andina (2017).
In 2016 he received a mention in the Williams Foundation Award for Textile Art at the Benito Quinquela Martín Museum.

Federico Casalinuovo

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