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Camila Valdez


Camila Valdez

Industrial designer and plastic artist. From these two professions, Camila (Argentina 1984) generates hyper realistic dessert sculptures inspired by the aesthetic secrets of everyday products. When building her anthropomorphic sweets, she selects materials that highlight colors such as fiberglass and resins, which are then hand painted.

She received the diploma of Honor – Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales (2016) .He has participated in the following individual exhibitions (selection): The Red Victorian (San Francisco, 2016): Bienal de Arte, Universidad de la Matanza (Buenos Aires, 2016); Watt Markett (2015, Buenos Aires); Authorship (Buenos Aires, 2015); Yrurtia House Museum (Buenos Aires, 2012); Appetite Gallery (Buenos Aires 2012); Espacio Giesso (Buenos Aires; 2008) She has also exhibited in Taiwan, San Francisco, Miami, Uruguay and Argentina.

Camila Valdez

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