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Beatriz Ruiz


Beatriz Ruiz

Beatriz Ruiz (Buenos Aires, 1957) works the role as a skin that reacts to the violence of the fire, to the penetration of the cuts, in a treatment that involves two stages: a fast and violent one and a later one, of concentration and detail. She is interested in transformations, the swaying of movement in the static, the deep on the surface, the light in the dark, the veiled; accidents and opportunities for encounters, often illusory, to find what is sought.

Her individual exhibitions include Gualberto Hernández Contemporary Art Gallery, Connecticut, (2015, 2016) The secret has no formula Bluma Art Gallery, Córdoba, (2015), Sedimentos, Gallery of the Argentine Consulate in New York, (2015), Memory Surfaces, Centro Cultural San Martín, (2013)

She studied with the artists Edgardo Madanes, Diana Dreyfus, Natalia Giachetta; she drew with Eduardo Stupía.

She participated in exhibitions and shows such as the 10th Biennial of Gravura do Douro Portugal (2020), ESTEArte, (Punta del Este, 2019), Contemporary International Engraving Gallery Metanoia Paris, (2019), Printing Women Printmaking Public Library Miami, (2019), Sordos Ruidos Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, (2018), Bienal Textil Museo Sívori, (2017, 2015) Art & amp; Design Gallery, Semana Basel Miami (2017-2016), Printing Woman , Art & amp; Design Gallery, Miami, (2016), Graphic Histories, Solange Guez Contemporary Art, (2016).

She received the following awards: Third Prize for his work “En tu nombre” , CCBorges, El Textil en el Borges (2019), Second Prize “ Common Destination “, Museum Rómulo Raggio, National Textile Art Salon, (2013), Mention “In suspense” Rómulo Raggio Museum, Textile Art Salon-Caat, (2010).

Beatriz Ruiz

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