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Alberto Morales


Alberto Morales

Morales (Buenos Aires 1952) paints “his own Antarctica.” He transmits energy in scenes filled with a silence rich in sensations. He works from the idea of ​​isolation, the pregnancy of white, the lack of limits, and the observation of light. His works are wrapped in an atmosphere of an almost fictional space. His pictorial making of him is a tool that adds to the awareness of environmental issues such as the threat of global warming that weighs on the world.

The artist formed with the teachers Enio Iommi, Anna Eckel, Demetrio Urruchúa, Jorge Abot among others. Among his individual exhibitions, the following stand out: Al Sur del Sur Antarctica Argentina, Legislature City of Buenos Aires, (2019); Another Antarctica, Areatec, (2017); Al Sur del Sur Antarctica Argentina-2015-2005, Museum of Patagonian Ice, El Calafate, (2015); Beyond the Limit Gallery Insight, (2012); Art in the Peninsula, Grillo Art Gallery, Punta del Este, (2009); Al Sur del Sur Antarctica Argentina, Maritime Museum of Ushuaia, (2007); Al Sur del Sur Antarctica Argentina 2007–2005, Casa Rosada, (2007); De Curvas y Semillas-Pinturas by Alberto Morales, Cultural Center of Cooperation, (2006); Matter and Color, Van Riel Galería de Arte, (1995); Alberto Morales, Castagnino Museum, Mar del Plata, (1990); Alberto Morales-Pinturas, Lirolay Gallery, (1977, 1976).

His work is part of the following private and public collections: Luciano Benettton Collection, Santiago de Chile, MAMU Museum of Marine Art of Ushuaia, Fernando Bonfiglioli Museum, Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty, National University of Lanús.

Alberto Morales

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